This are the top 6 Logo Colors for Excellent 3D Branding

Colors pass different messages to every individual. This means that logo colors play a major in branding a company. There are logos using bright colors which automatically captures one’s eye while others use dulls colors. Using dull colors does not mean that customers will not visit the business as long as the color has conveyed the message intended. Businesses should, however, use a particular color to their advantage like if one wants to stand out from the crowd a perfect choice is red. Brands choosing colors for logos should have in mind that colors are what sticks in people’s minds even before the shape of the logo, the letters on the logo or even the number. This means that color is important and should be well considered carefully.

Color Red in a 3D logo design 

This is a color that symbolizes danger and anger. It is a fierce color because it is perceived to have the color of fire. It has been proven by scientists that red is a color that increases one’s blood pressure because it arouses feelings of anger. It is an excellent color for 3D logo branding because, in as much as it is believed to arouse feelings of anger, it is a color of warmth and love. It is quite a powerful color as it also raises the level of energy. As it is also a color of urgency, it makes people buy especially when used by brands during the rush hours. Its use for 3D is definitely the perfect choice as its stands out and its boldness makes it even more appealing.

Red 3d Logo Color

Color Purple in a 3D logo design 

Its association with kings and nobles is what makes this color a royal color. Royalty and nobility come with luxury and wealth hence this purple color is termed as a color of wealth and luxury. It is also a color of wisdom and imagination.  It is an excellent color for 3D logo branding as companies that use purple for their logo branding are perceived to be luxurious and imaginative. They also use it to attract mostly women as purple is perceived to be a feminine color hence used to make beauty products especially the aging products.

Color Blue in a 3D logo design 

This is calm color. It is believed to be a calm color because of the sky and the ocean that are usually blue and calm. Blue is a color that has been noted among many cultures all over the world as it is said to be a color that conveys trust and confidence. Apart from that, blue is a color of maturity and respect that is why it has been noted among respected people in the government as they wear blue suits. The respect, maturity, trust, and strength are what have made almost all logos around the world to use blue for their logos. This actually means that blue is an excellent color for 3D logos branding as it portrays professionalism and reliability. It also creates a sense of security.

blue 3D logo maker
green 3D logo maker

Color Green in a 3D logo design 

It is a color of wealth, health, environment, and freshness. Its connection with wealth is the fact that money is color green. It evokes a strong feeling of relaxation. When used for 3D logo branding, it represents a company’s friendliness to the environment. It is mostly used by eco-friendly companies and companies that deal with finance as it reminds customers of money. In addition, it is a friendly color as it is warm and inviting.

Color Black in a logo design 

This is a serious color, luxurious and stylish. It conveys elegance and glamor. Companies that use black for 3D logo branding usually want to be exclusive and mysterious hence its excellence in 3D logo branding. It is not an attention seeking color but once used, it shows a company as one that is very well established and with a unique reputation. It is also a professional color and is usually spectacular as long as it is well used.

black 3D logo maker
gold 3D logo maker

Color Gold in a 3D logo design 

Just as the name sounds, it is expensive. It is a highly ranked color in that it is used to color logos for brands that sell products that have a high value. It is a warm color excellent for 3D logo branding as it is also cheerful and bright for clear visibility. There is also the darker shade of gold that conveys the message of richness.


As I have mentioned above, choosing a color for a brand is quite important as it is the color that makes people remember about a logo even before thinking about the letters or numbers on the logo.