What are the right colors that Make a Professional Business Card

Choosing the right business car is an important part of branding your company.

This process entails a number of considerations and decisions especially when it comes to making the business card. You need to select the right business card design and most importantly color. Most people take this second part for granted because they do not know where to start. In most cases, the business card and company logo are usually the first things that introduce a business. It is important therefore to make the right first impression. Choosing the right card color is very important when you want to make your own logo. There is a significant psychology that goes not selecting a certain business card color.

White Business Cards

These cards colors are a representation of a safe ad standard or conservative business. Most companies use white as the abuse of their business cards because they want to stand out. The white canvas allows you to be as creative as you can. The more colors you use on your card when you want to make your own logo, the less serious and official it looks. White is suitable for all business cards and target markets but may be everyone’s choice hence the challenge of standing out sets in.

Black Business Cards

This color indicates power and seriousness. Using black in a business card is an excellent move if your point is to prove how serious you are. Black business cards have a higher chance of standing out compared to white ones because they are different from what most people would go for. They have an air of mystery and sophistication about them that the white cards cannot offer. You can also choose to have t printed in any other color of choice depending on what you want. However, you need to keep the coloring to a minimal if you still intend to maintain a serious look.

Blue Business Cards

If your intention is to portray or communicate honest and trust, then this is the color of business card to go for. Blue shows that you are reliable, responsible and clam. All of these are excellent traits that a business would want to communicate. However, be careful not to use a very pale blue as it may communicate less authority. The darker the blue shade, the more serious, professional and authoritative it will appear.

Red Business Cards

Some businesses prefer using red in their cards. Usually, such a business card would indicate passion and action. Make your own logo using red as it is attention seeking and will automatically stimulate the physical mind. It is an excellent choice for fast food businesses such as restaurants because of the call to action that they have. After all, you want to grab the attention of your customers to keep them.