This is the perfect time to start your new business since the availability and affordability of powerful technology like social media will help you promote your business in many effective ways. In this article we are going to discuss a few business ideas which would inspire entrepreneurs to start their business in 2015.

  1. According to a recent survey almost 3 quarters of children are now connected with a mobile devise which provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop child friendly apps specially meant for kids. Creating an educational or inspirational app is an even better idea since it would help you win over their parents as well.
  2. Most homeowners don’t take the trouble of properly recycling their electronic waste which is ultimately very detrimental to the environment. You can choose to start a recycle pickup business where you can offer to collect all the electronic waste of the household and then charge accordingly. You can either charge per item or charge a flat rate for your services.
  3. If you have some proficiency in dealing with specialized software then you can surely make some money by sharing your knowledge with the amateurs. If you are confident enough then you can become a software trainer and schedule private sessions or small workshops and arrange for a lucrative part time income.
  4. A study conducted by Intuit and Emergent Research in 2012 suggested that the revenue from the food truck sector would reach about $2.7 billion by 2017. The investment associated with this kind of business is far lesser than brick and mortar restaurants. So if you are a food enthusiast who has a few innovative recipes up your sleeve then this business is right for you.
  5. If you are not looking for a full time business then start with freelancing. You can find thousands of freelance projects on sites like or odesk and some of the most popular freelance services of our times are writing jobs, data entry, content writing, data processing and social media based jobs.
  6. In 2015 it is hard to find an individual who doesn’t use a mobile. Making one’s business go mobile can be a challenge for many. Therefore if you can form a company which can provide effective mobile solutions to business then mobile consulting can surely be a profitable source of income for you.
  7. The global marketplace is reaching far beyond the borders of Mexico or China and the cross cultural communication in businesses prompts a special need for proficient translators. According to a recent research the hiring of translators would grow about 46% by 2022.
  8. If you are the creative sort then you can choose to design logo templates for companies. Even the smallest entrepreneurs choose to create a logo for their business; therefore a competent logo designer would never have a dearth of clients.
  9. Health conscious people with a tight schedule are always on the lookout for vending machines with food healthier than just chips and coke. Creating a health positive vending machine could be another good investment.