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FAQ – שאלות נפוצות2017-11-28T11:48:49+00:00

השתמש בתוכנה ליצירת לוגו חינם וצור לוגו לעסק שלך

שלב אחר שלב ביצירת לוגו מקוון עם תוכנה לעיצוב לוגו

Didn’t receive the files within 24 hours?2016-10-26T11:22:47+00:00

If you didn’t receive the files within 24 hours, this is what you should do:

  1. Check your email spam folder (sometimes large files go into spam).
  2. Verify that the email you gave us is correct.
  3. Add our email address to your contact list, Address Book or safe senders list.
  4. Let us know, Email Customer Service your order number. info@createalogoonline.com
Ordering for stationary Brandign package2016-10-26T10:51:03+00:00

This Branding Package is an upgrade to your logo.


  1. Create a logo online and add it to your cart.
  2. Add the Custom Branding Design Package to your cart.
  3. Fill in the final information and Place an order and pay online.
  4. Get 3 custom sketches based on your brief.
  5. Give feedback, improve your design.
  6. Receive your winner design in editable vector format – ready for print & web.
I would like the logo to be Exclusive to me2016-10-26T10:23:30+00:00

Exclusive Logo Templates

If you like to get sole ownership check on the logo page If the button “Buy Exclusive” is available for $59.

After exclusive purchase, the template will no longer be available to other customers and you get copyrights.

If you don’t see “Exclusive – Get sole ownership: ($59)“, this means that the logo purchased previously and cannot be exclusive to you.

Where can I publish my new logo?2016-10-26T10:11:31+00:00

Use your logo for all your advertising needs.

Once you have purchased a logo template with us, this enables you to publish your company logo and use it for all your advertising needs.

You are free to use the logo you designed with no restrictions. These include websites, T-shirts, stationery, business cards, letterheads, Facebook, sign and more.

“The Logo Makers” retains the copyrights and all associated rights to the original symbols.

Read more about our Terms and Conditions

My Logo Disappear In Cart2016-10-26T10:06:30+00:00

In the cart, at purchase, Do not Click and go back to view the logo.

Once you are happy with your new design and ready to place an order, At purchase, Do not return back to view the logo.

Going back will reset the logo software and the logo disappear. Please follow the below steps:

  1. Design your logo online >
  2. Add to cart >
  3. Proceed to checkout >
  4. Fill in your information and click to pay

בחר לוגו מקטלוג

יש לנו אלפי תבניות לוגו וקטוריות לבחירה. עיין בקטלוג הלוגויים המקוון שלנו ובחר לוגו שאתה אוהב.

הכלים הנכונים. הפתרון הנכון.

עיצב כל לוגו עם התוכנה לעיצוב לוגו חינם. השתמש ביוצר הלוגו המקוון כדי לשנות את הסמל, טקסטים, צבעים, גופנים ועוד.

קבל את עיצוב הלוגו שלך בתוך שעות

המעצבים הגרפיים שלנו ישלחו את הלוגו החדש שלך בדוא”ל. בתוך כמה שעות, קבל קבצים ניתנים לעריכה, מוכן להדפסה.

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