The term brand usually used by a good number of individuals including those who have little or no idea of what it entails. A lot of people see brands as a company, firm or organization that has a logo, produces a good or offers a service. Brands are more than that and branding takes a lot more than just producing a good or offering a service while having a logo to be a brand. These days, you must have something of value that you are off providing your customers and they must have a reason to identify with you before you can be considered a brand.

The growth of e-commerce has seen a number of budding brands make a more pronounced presence than they would have done if there was no internet. With knowledge of magento development and/or aid of ecommerce development you can have a very good website up and running.

Considering that we have taken into cognizance what it takes to create a brand, this article will give you the top 5 essentials for brand creation.

Good customer service

This is a very important part of ecommerce that most marketers often ignore. I do not really blame them as they consider production to be done when the product or service gets to the final consumer. Using this approach may cause you to have only one time customers. Good customer service , owever, will endear your customers and assure them of your qualitative service. With good customer service, you may end up saving yourself the stress and resources you would’ve put into marketing  as your customers will end up referring other individuals to you.

Focus on your niche

This is not meant to discredit brands that are into producing products or offering service that vary greatly. For an up and coming brand however, it is best that you are specific as regards the niche your product or service belongs to. Even the established brands with a variety of products and services usually operate with similar goods and services so as not to lose focus. Losing focus on where you stand in a crowded market may be the beginning of the end of your brand.

Business is not always business

Have you taken time to ask yourself why businesses are so involved in charity work? The answer is simple;  this is an impressive means of promoting an established brand or establish a growing brand. Your brand should extend beyond the confines of establishing business relationships and extend to establishing personal relationships with your customers. You can organize fairs, sponsor events as well as other charity works to promote your brand.

Know your competition

A good business owner knows that competition is good for business. Without competition, most businesses will be wallowing in mediocrity. Start by creating a brand competitor spreadsheet for comparison. Use Google sheets, Excel, or even just a notebook. You might want to take a look at other businesses, or even aim to benchmark against name brands.

Don’t create the best, create the unique

I remember the story of the three violin makers sharing a complex. The first one had “the best violin maker in Milan” written on his billboard, the second had “the best violin maker in Italy” written on his billboard while the third had “the best violin maker on the block” written on his billboard. I am not going to tell you which of them had the most patronage. Instead, I’d focus on the ingenuity of the third violin maker. Sometimes you don’t have to be the best to make a difference; you merely have to be different. Instead of pushing your employees to the limit in the race to produce the best of service, you should try to tweak your brand to doing things differently.

Creating a brand is a serious business that takes patience and perseverance as it is a long term process. There is a lot of competition in the market already; instead of trying to beat them at their own game create your own arena.

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