What are the things to consider When Designing Website Logo

Most of us will think that creating website logo online is just easy; the process has been made simple with the logo creator online.  Creating the identity of your business through visual aid is Integration between text and geometric shape.  The first impression of the clients towards your company will be based on the logo design.  It should have a direct impact on the company’s overall value, purchase decision and company branding.

Important Tips to Remember When Creating Logo for a Website

Our society is filled with different logos.  Even a toddler who can identify shapes and texts can already recognize logo.  For those who are planning to design a logo for their website, here are some proven tips by the experts when making a business logo.

Be Clever and Unique

The logo that you will use on your website should help the customers from distinguishing your company from your competitors.  Though it may sound simple, most companies are finding it difficult to create a unique business logo. Designing the logo is about need to think beyond the usual.

Understand Your Company Branding

The logo is a visual identity as well as the introduction to your company branding.  It should have the ability to reach your targeted audience.  You should always keep your target audience in your mind when designing logo even with a logo creator online.  Start by writing the things that you think about your brand, Pinterest will be helpful if you want to create mood board of images that reflect your brand.  If you take a look at different websites such as Niice, the logos are not only focused on their aesthetic appeal but also on its profound meaning. You can get inspiration from our online logos catalog.

The Color

In case you are considering the personality of your company when creating your logos, you should consider the different aspect related with your company’s identity such as the color.  Bold and bright color in a Website Logo can easily attract attraction, but it can also be overpowering.  Neutral tones exemplify luxury and sophistication, but the muted shade has a tendency to be overlooked.   Every color can also convey messages; avoid delivering the wrong message due to the wrong selection of color. You can read more about Logo Designs Colors.


  • Website Horizontal 260×70
  • Website Square 165×165
  • Facebook 180×180
  • Twitter 400×400
  • YouTube 98×98
  • Google+ 250×250
  • Pinterest 165×165

At the very least, you should be able to create Website Logo design that is flexible.  It should not be too simple that it looks boring.  Keep it simple but elegant and interesting.  It should be remarkable but not to the point that people will pause and stare at your logo just to analyze it.  Amazon and FedEx Logo would be the best example.  FedEx can also alter the shade of the text to signify a different shipping service.   When creating a logo for your website, you should also be able to use it on different platforms like print, social media, videos and others.

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