Important thins when Creating Construction Logo

People have tried to oversimplify logo design by simply using lines, a name and a splash of color. This is acceptable if you are using a logo generator to do your bidding. However, the same cannot be accepted from a professional graphic designer. Professionals have to give you something unique that leaves you in awe. After all, you are paying money and should, therefore, accept nothing but the best. If you do not have hundreds of $ to spare or if you just don’t want to use a professional, you can do it yourself.

In order to create a great Construction Logo for your company, you need to consider the following factors:

Construction Logo Color

Color is an important aspect of company branding. You need to have colors that represent your business. For a construction company, it would be better to opt for more neutral and perhaps add a splash of one bright tone to create contrast and capture the eye. Keep in mind the fact that the colors you pick will also appear on your Construction and real estate Logos. Another consideration is that of a pantone swatch. You should use colors from this swatch to ensure that you main uniformity in logo printing. When you use these colors, your logo will appear the same on any material.

Simplicity and Timelessness in Logo Design

The simplicity of logo design is emphasized for every company, business or profession. Simplicity is memorable. When you choose something complicated, it is harder to remember and carries the risk that it might appear ‘too busy.’ One way to complement simplicity in logos is to include simple and modern lines that can be changed or altered easily. This makes the logo timeless because you can tweak it as you please according to the changing trends.


Including Motion in Your Business Logo

A simple logo creator online will not add such unique aspects to your company logo. For a construction company, you want your logo to give a feel of your business. Construction is an activity that involves a lot of movement. You could opt to include a silhouette of a construction worker in a hard hat swinging a jackhammer for example. This will give your logo an edge over what other freelance constructors are doing. Additionally, it adds uniqueness to your company branding.

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Abstract Illustration Icons

Do not succumb to cliché trends. Just because other construction companies have a certain icon in their logos does not mean that you also need to have the same. Opt for more abstract icons and images. You will need to consider how the abstract icon ties into your business. Otherwise, you will end up with an icon that does not make any sense no matter how good it might be.


Company branding is very important, and a logo is part of the exercise. The logo will catch the eye of the customer and leave an impression more than anything else. You, therefore, need to ensure that the logo you have is impressive. It could very well determine whether or not you get many potential customers even before you do any work for referrals.