SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a significant tool for survival of online businesses. Every e-commerce website makes sure to grab top spot in search engine ranking. Still, it is necessary to have an idea on where each website stands in term of ranking.  Such level of insight is possible with the help of certain tools only. It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say, that websites run on the basis of analytics.

For decision making purposes, websites need to know the stats. How an online business is performing in term of audience response and search engine position is very important. It lets the owners know, where their business stands. Hence, they can make more appropriate decisions regarding their business branding and logo brand, development and new product offerings.

Here are the 7 free SEO tools, about which every website owner should at least know about.

7. SEM Rush

This tool gives access to Google Analytics, within fraction of seconds. All a person needs is to type the URL in search bar of SEM Rush, and access all the stats. With the help of SEM Rush, you are available with information related to traffic, SEO Health and active backlinks. The tool also lets an owner to distinguish between organic and non-organic traffic too. Good aspect is that access to all this information is free of cost. Well, a premium version of the tool is also available; it allows users to know an enhanced number of keywords that users search.

SEM Rush
SE Ranking

6. SE Ranking

SE Ranking tool is an enhanced version for analysing different stats about a website. One needs to sign up, before accessing the stats. Perk of using SE Ranking is that it offers 100% accurate audit. Apart from this, tool also offers the decision making input too. While, one may need to wait for getting the results, as tool is not much instant, it is a great source to rely on.

Free trial version of SE Ranking allows checking website rankings, keywords and customized reports. Thee tool also gives insights about what can be an accurate marketing plan otherwise.

5. Link Research Tools

Use of Link Research Tools, allows instant access to the analytics related to website. Link Research Tools are more common amongst online businesses and also the start-ups. They offer an insight about the backlinks that are referred to your website. These tools are a great way to judge the performance of your website in term of backlinks. Many versions of Link Research Tools are available. Free users can access so many features, but premium users are available with more in-depth details. Using monitoring strength of Link Research Tools, one can make valuable decisions about use of backlinks.

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4. Serpstat

It is an instant but relatively more specific tool. You have to enter the input URL in search box and click on submit. Consequently, all the relevant results appear in the form of stats and graphs. In Serpstat one can make use of more specific search terms only. One may think, that search tool has a limited use, as it serves a targeted purpose only. In reality, It is not so. Such targeted and action oriented results, offer more valuable insights. In a particular season, when there is more hype about any product, one can utilize this mechanism. Afterall, all a person gets is response to more targeted search term.

3. Netpeak SEO Crawler

Netpeak SEO Crawler is more common and popular tool among website owners. Beginners as well as experienced both can benefit from this tool. It checks the functionality of a particular URL on the basis of more than 40 SEO parameters. Apart from revealing the strength of any website in term of search engine ranking, Netpeak SEO Crawler, also offers valuable insights, on keywords as well.  It highlights broken links and also issues related to duplication of content. Tool offers the downloadable version of SEO report.

2. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup looks for the effect of backlink on any site. It tells who strongly the referrals are working in favour. It also gives instant insight about search engine ranking and overall position of any online website. Free as well as premium versions of SEO Site Checkup are available. While premium version offers detailed analysis, free version also provides many quick and fast details.

1. SEO Analyser

SEO analyser is a free tool that makes a website owner, to access the performance of his website. The tool also offers an extra benefit. Owners can compare their website’s standing with respect to three competitors in the same industry.

SEO analyser